You're Still On Livejournal?

It seems livejournal is steadily marching into obsolescence. Few of my friends are still posting here (limnrix, all you do is post your twitter), for the remaining ones I'll find a way to get your posts in to google reader. Livejournal's complex styles and posting capabilities are starting to feel very limiting; for over a year I've primarily been using this journal as a tumblelog to post odd links and fun things I find around the 'webs.

I've realized that if I want to have a tumblelog, I should just go start a tumblr. So I have. I've also been on twitter for a while now, I'm @apretz. If you still prefer to read your internets through your livejournal friends page, I've created a syndicated account at alex_tumblr, however livejournal's syndication stuff was broken for a month or so, so it's missing a bunch of posts. I don't think anybody wants to read my twitter on livejournal, amirite?

So yeah, I probably won't be posting here much again (like I've been posting here much for the past two years..)

The thing I'll miss the most is seeing comment counts when viewing posts. Oh well. Maybe somebody will write a greasemonkey google reader extension.
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at least I'm not a bloger

Hi, my name is Alex. I'm an iPhone programmer and I live in SoMa. Does anybody wanna meet up at a coffee shop and talk about my timbuk2 bag, or maybe speculate on what the apple tablet will be like?

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Engineers like to tinker. So let them tinker. Then when they bring you whatever it is they've made, first you say you're too busy to meet with them. Then you say you've changed your mind and you will meet with them after all. Then you wait until they're all in the conference room with everything set up, and you send Katie down to tell them that you're going to be a little bit late. You make them wait an hour. Then two hours. Then, at six in the afternoon, you send Katie down to tell them that you've changed your mind again and now you can't make it. Then, finally, you set up another appointment and this time you do meet with them -- but before they can even speak you just look at whatever it is they've made and you say, I'm sorry, that's a piece of shit, and you walk out. Trust me, engineers love this. They're all masochists. That's why they became engineers in the first place.
Fake Steve Jobs

Dead Macbook Pro Battery

So I stashed a battery for a few months while I wasn't using it. I just pulled it out and tried to use it, and this is what I got:

No matter what, "Battery is not charging".

I open up System Profiler, and learn that at 270 cycles, my battery is 100% dead:

That's Full charge capacity: 0. That means my battery cannot be charged.

I've reset the SMC multiple times, reset the pram, and tried removing and reinserting the battery over and over. This is the second battery I've had for this macbook pro fail, and I'm now long long out of warranty. WTF Apple? My battery should at least try to charge.

Any advice on jump starting a dead battery into charging?

The Problem With Upgrades

Found this on my Macbook Pro running Leopard.
The next time I get a mac I'll start fresh instead of using Migration Assistant. Avoid some cruft.
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On the UC Berkeley UHS Security Breach

In the email sent to all students on May 8, 2009:
UC Berkeley computer administrators determined on April 21, 2009 that restricted electronic databases had been illegally accessed by hackers, and that the data thefts began on October 9, 2008, and continued until April 6, 2009. All of the exposed databases were immediately removed from service to make sure that they would be completely protected from any future attacks.
That's six months that my private data was being accessed without your knowledge? Have you guys even heard of security? How many people had access to this database?
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I have been tweeting a lot lately at . I think it will probably begin to replace this LJ, as I rarely make LJ posts more than three lines anyway. Actually I had been posting pretty infrequently long before I got on twitter.

I spent some time crawling around today (anything to avoid the midterm at 2 pm tomorrow), and realized that having my own website/blog was always a strong motivator to post interesting things I found. Looking back, I'm going hey, this was pretty cool! Stuff like this makes me want to start more actively geek blogging again.

When I never finished Flurnl (the name's a tongue-in-cheek web 2.0 conflagration of flickr and livejournal meant to entertain nobody but me), the ruby on rails tumblelog I started programming in Spring 2006 (freshman year) I got discouraged. I never even wrote about the damn thing, every entry about it is at my flurnl livejournal tag; there's not much. Repeated problems dealing with dreamhost hosting and my lack of knowledge about how to not trash my DB resulted in my spending less and less time with it. I haven't updated from Flickr since November 2008 (manually) and it hasn't updated from livejournal since March 2008 (which only happens automatically).

Summer projects:
  • Fix up flurnl and get it working, now that I know RoR so much better
  • Fix up Yarg and really get it polished. Major bonus points for writing a tutorial in trac on how to use it with a dreamhost backup account
  • Either abandon link toss or make it work more gracefully
  • Write some well thought out blog entries on issues I've run into while working on these projects. Topics can include:
    • Synchronizing entries between my database and livejournal
    • Using imagemagick and flickr's metadata to pull information out of pictures
    • Security issues running privileged tasks in Cocoa
    • Writing a cocoa application that only sometimes should have a GUI
    • The wonders and pains of rsync
    • Interesting Javascript and RoR things I've learned along the way


bad icons

I'm sorry Adobe, but these icons are just too damn similar out of the corner of my eye.

How 'bout something other than a box? Or make use of some of the unused colors on that wheel of yours? Maybe make Flex a nice bright pukey greenish-yellowish color? Those seem pretty available. Nobody uses dreamweaver anyway.