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Dec. 11th, 2004 | 03:00 pm

" Let me start by a story that shows what I would call a "paradigm failure" where people are still stuck in the old paradigm. If you ask an audience, as I have done many times, and say, "How many of you use Linux?" If you are at an Open Source Convention, you will get 80% of the people raising their hands. But if you are at a typical conference, you will get, oh, I don't know, 15% or 20% of the people raising their hands, maybe less than that. Then I say well, "Well, how many of you use Google?" and they all raise their hands. Then I say, "Now, you just realize that that means all of you use Linux." But what they've come to be trapped in is the idea of that what you use is the personal computer on your desk. When, in fact, we are increasingly using this vast network of computers and the applications that are, in fact, the killer applications for many people over the past few years are not personal-computer applications, they're Internet-based applications. Here's Amazon running on Linux, and here's Google running on Linux, and here's Yahoo! running on a Free BSD. And yet if you ask people, "What do you use?" they say, "Oh I use Windows." That basically is the old thinking, which is, sort of, stuck in people's heads. "

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