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Jan. 6th, 2005 | 03:43 pm
music: godspeed you! black emperor - f# a# oo - 02 - east hastings

finally managed to put together a mostly complete list of all my music
well, all the music I've ripped as complete albums
there's a couple thousand lone songs I've downloaded, i think, that didn't make it to the list

i gave up trying to find a program that would automatically generate a list of all my albums without listing each individual track
so i just decided to test my rocking new unix skillz, and used cygwin to redirect the output of the ls (directory list) command to a text file, of one of my two main music folders, where each album is in its own folder.  then i did the same in my other folder, and concatenated them together.
then i used the handy dandy Unix sort command, which just sorts each text file alphabetically by the first letter of each line, which was exactly what i wanted.
the only thing is it pointed out the inconsistencies in my music tagging (PJ Harvey vs P J Harvey vs P.J. Harvey all showed up), some of which i bothered to fix, some I didn't.  the main bothersome thing was of course putting everything with leading "The " together, which there must be some fancy trick to avoid, but I don't know it.  So I fixed those by hand.  The one other problem is for some reason one rolling stones album is listed as "ROLLING STONES" and the sort command puts all capitals before all lowercase, and I was too lazy to fix that.

Goddamnit, I need to know more geeks who know about this stuff.  none of you people understand a thing I'm saying.

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