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here's an idea for a new website: scraps and bits of pieces of life, humanity, incomprehensibility

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Jan. 6th, 2005 | 08:03 pm
music: Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Yanqui U.X.O. - 05 - Motherfucker=Redeemer (Part Two)

found around our great big internet, small stories, small history, interesting bits, scary bits.
make a great big indexed searchable log.  Can't be links, links aren't permanent.


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POSTED BY chichiri-sama ON 7th January, 2005 AT 3:53:39

wall to wall and think of the imagine who u are and can u feel that pain u are telling in a heart to this bottom of the whiteboard is on the 24hrs mentally to handle this embrassing issued that I had been studies on you every of the physcotic communicate is really fucking immature and doesnt know how to use a love to this toward out of the world so can u find a colorful outdoor to walk this pride. yes but whiteboard is just a yoru eyes to eyes just useful the repeat repeat repeat is just a become a draining your emotion empty.. so Quit that fucking sick,, i do fuckin care alots of people i do I had been done every of thoughout even I do for Casey but now ya all dont find a thoughtful the human sense to this personal's concern..

NOW you just keep think and talking about this point .. espically for Casey who himself doesnt understand but he is just went a top of the peak and sharp to enjoy himself to watch the painful to laugh, or learning their peoples objectives that he can tryign for himself to playing and end up his embrassed and denial, mortality, doesnt know how to approach the painful but himself just like a cat runaway is becuase he know that he is hurting himself inside but cant reach his hand to this real peson attention. like i never forgot on the day MAY 9th.. that really fucking bother me.. so I am really craving to this heathy is on this far tear to every of u and now here in my cites, and my friend and my parents. I was meanign to everyone now and bitchy or bastard.. and none of my feeling enjoy around them. Im very very kicking on peoples they know it is not their fault but it is all one of CASEY is fully loaded in my mind and I have no other thinking of what I can but it is all the full clogged whole of personal is btw him and me, and this mytersious and this painful, and this love, and this games, many things that making me already went a thin my soul which is all doesnt fuckign care what peoples doing or whatever I can bitchy or whatever they hurt me or kill me or have th em kill me or whatever I dont fuyckign care anythigns peoples or things.. alll are gone to this my dream is on fire and ashes to this soul that go to this Casey's possessioin on his hands and look at his hand how can his hands can reach to a human's mental, comfortable, supportive.. i mean whole of that part.. so now he is study to this psychologist.. so I think he doesnt deserve to this particular but he is just all the behind the rail of the road he can travel to this laugh and memories. so I am really fucking hurt and I am really really ready to be gone next week so so long good bye bye

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from: room_onthebroom
date: Jan. 7th, 2005 07:41 pm (UTC)

that's the most ridiculous thing i've ever read in my life.

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