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trip to see the world being made

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Apr. 2nd, 2005 | 03:43 pm

Today we did some more things in hawaii.

We started off the day going to the Kiluea caldera, big gigantic crater which is mostly just desolate dried lava along the bottom, with a steam vent every now and then. Inside the caldara was this inner crater with a hawaiian name that I can't spell. Up until 100 years ago there was a gigantic lake of boiling lava at the bottom of this crater. Now it's mostly dried up; they say the lava is about a mile underground here now.

Then we moved on to the "Thurston Lava Tube" which i guess is the most famous lava tube around, mainly because they've prettied it up with lights inside it and a nice trail down to it etc. But We Were Cooler Than That. At the end of the lava tube is a little set of stairs and a gate that goes into the second part; the unmaintained part. We went on quite a ways in, with our flashlights and trying not to bump our heads. We managed to make it until the end of the tube, 20 minutes down or something. pretty rad, yo. We drove around and looked at some craters, and drove out of the volcano park for some dinner.

That night, we decided to make a try to see the flowing lava. It's a long windy road down from the volcano to where the lava is flowing into the ocean; the road used to connect through but it has since been covered up by lava flows. The best time to see the lava is at night when you can see it glowing, unfortunately we got there rather late and ended up having to make the whole three mile hike each way in the dark, to get to the lava (they usually recommend getting there around dusk, so you can hike there in light, and hike back in the dark. Whatever, it was worth it. When we managed to stumble our way across the gigantic field of fresh (2002) lava (a lot like walking on broken and ground up glass), we managed to get to a cliff perched to the side of the flow. We could see the lava flowing right into the water, and even see glowing rocks floating and being tossed by the boiling waves. it was intense, man.

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