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(no subject)

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May. 23rd, 2005 | 06:23 pm
music: The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - 05 - Fixing A Hole

maybe i should create two journals/blogs/sites/whatevers.

one for meaningful entries about stuff i'm working on (computer techdork stuff) or going ons in my life or something (imagining going off to college, and being like, to family members, "to see how i'm doing, read my gay blog!"), and one for random crap to my friends.

i mostly only write random crap at this point, period.

where I will go . . .

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Comments {3}

Polly Pocket

(no subject)

from: fetal_vagina
date: May. 24th, 2005 02:44 am (UTC)

where will you go?

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(no subject)

from: jealouslime
date: May. 24th, 2005 04:29 am (UTC)

yeah hella.

goings on.

gay blog.

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(no subject)

from: melaniemonkey
date: May. 25th, 2005 08:11 pm (UTC)

I want to read your gay blog ;)

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