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Pretty Cool When Your 200 GB Hard Drive Fries Itself

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Aug. 7th, 2005 | 03:38 pm

I wasn't even doing anything. I just smelled this faint burning plastic smell.
But damn am I lucky . . . I've got a backup of everything important on another disk (I had actually a few days ago tried to make an exact copy, but the computer won't boot with it. The data's there though) . . . I guess now is the time for me to move all my email over to my powerbook. Also, I am always thankful I keep my OS and my personal files on seperate disks . . . all my huge photoshop files and mutitrack music is unscathed.

Goddamn. The main thing I lost was all my music in mp3, but thanks to the wonders of iPodRip I think I'm gonna be ok. *crossed fingers*

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