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You're Still On Livejournal?

Nov. 11th, 2009 | 08:27 am
music: http://tuneage.tumblr.com/

It seems livejournal is steadily marching into obsolescence. Few of my friends are still posting here (limnrix, all you do is post your twitter), for the remaining ones I'll find a way to get your posts in to google reader. Livejournal's complex styles and posting capabilities are starting to feel very limiting; for over a year I've primarily been using this journal as a tumblelog to post odd links and fun things I find around the 'webs.

I've realized that if I want to have a tumblelog, I should just go start a tumblr. So I have. I've also been on twitter for a while now, I'm @apretz. If you still prefer to read your internets through your livejournal friends page, I've created a syndicated account at alex_tumblr, however livejournal's syndication stuff was broken for a month or so, so it's missing a bunch of posts. I don't think anybody wants to read my twitter on livejournal, amirite?

So yeah, I probably won't be posting here much again (like I've been posting here much for the past two years..)

The thing I'll miss the most is seeing comment counts when viewing posts. Oh well. Maybe somebody will write a greasemonkey google reader extension.

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