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(no subject)

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Jun. 14th, 2001 | 03:49 pm
mood: accomplished
music: nuthin

sploozle poozle loozle oozle

me bored

me posting random shit, cuz I have the livejournal clien program i can just open up a little window and start typing random shit and send it. it is way easier than the website way to post and i don't need to enter my password every time. i just type my entry, then click post. today i am happy because i am happy. i am happy because my very good friend bey is in town, he has been in wisconsin for the past 6 month or something. i'm going to see him saturday, and that is good. i am happy. life is good. i am bored. i don't feel like doing the work that my parents want me to do, so instead I will type shit for my live journal. here comes a stupid story which I don't even know what i'm going to write yet: once opon a time there was a little boy who lived in the woods with grandma loquat. one day grandma loquat told the little boy to go into the big city to pick up some fertilizer for the roses. so the little boy hopped along the little forest pathway until he got to the city. when the boy got to the city he wandered around for a long time because he had never been to a big city before and he was lost. eventually he ran into a big hairy homeless man, whom he politely asked if he knew where he could get some rose fertilizer. the big hairy homeless man pointed to a big huge store which had "HOME DEPOT" in enourmous letters above the door, and said, there ye can get shome fertilizr. so the little boy frolicked his way into the store and wandered the enourmas shelves of the store looked for a small bag of fertilizer. Eventually he ran into a skinny little man wearing an orange shirt with STAFF emblazoned on the breast of it. the little boy politely asked the man "Do you work here?" the man replied "Of course I work here, my shirt says staff, don't it?" the little boy agreed that it most surely did say staff and procedded to ask where he could find some good rose fertilizer. The man told the boy that they were out of stock of that at the moment, but that maybe the boy could find some at another hardware store down the block. So the boy left home depot and went to the other hardware store, where he bought some good quality fertilizer and took it home to grandma loquat, who was very proud of the little boy for going into the big city all by himself. the little boy was tired, so that night he lay down and had a nice long sleep until the next morning, when he woke up and went and fertilized the roses.


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