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Apr. 8th, 2006 | 05:33 pm

so a while back I wrote a post about how i wanted to write two things, a quicksilver plugin for making posts to livejournal, and a ruby blogging thingerizer.

for Item 1, someone did it for me! You can download it here, and read about it here and here (i made a little post in the second thread on how to get it to work with livejournal, if you're interested). Sweet.

for Item 2: It's coming together very well. Prototype with sometimes funkiness and not really any content can be found here. It's already pulling photos from flickr, resizing them, saving them, and making a post on itself and my livejournal with the photo. Also grabs photo exposure information automatically. Still got some kinks to roll out, but it's definitely getting there. :)

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