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What I do like about ruby

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May. 13th, 2006 | 03:26 pm
music: Daft Punk - Discovery - Veridis Quo

Completely object oriented + functional = crazy weird calls on the return value of iterators. I fear it's utterly illegible though.
  def has_category?(category)
    not categories.select do |cat| 
      cat.cat_name == category
It would look totally normal in lisp though (pseudocode)
(define (has-category? category categories)
	(not (empty? (filter (lambda (cat)
			             (equal? cat category))
Although the ruby version would be faster to just return true when the comparison equals true:
  def has_category?(category)
   categories.each do |cat| 
      return true if cat.cat_name == category
    return false
Faster and more legible, but not very functional. Bah.

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