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More Software Ideas

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Aug. 8th, 2006 | 07:58 pm
music: Jerris - Fly By - Graduation Day

So last time I wrote up my ideas for software I or someone else should make, I found or made everything I wrote about (even if my website is still sadly broken), so now I'll try it again.

Software I would make if I knew how and/or had the time:
  1. 'Startjacker' — When I boot up my computer I usually want one of two things to happen: either I want all my normal programs to start up; email, web browser, quicksilver, itunes, etc or I want nothing to start up because I'm trying to fix something and I don't want to fucking sit there and wait. So how about a little program that hijacks apple's startup items and pops up a pretty little window for ten seconds that says 'push this button to cancel the normally scheduled startup programs'?
  2. 'Mixwap' — Mix tapes are dead. Mix CDs are dead. How about a little program that plugs into itunes and lets people send playlists to each other? If the person receiving the playlist doesn't have all the songs (and there would need to be some sort of smart song-finder to be sure) it A) in the legal version offers to buy the songs for the user from ITMS or B) in the underground illegal version transfers the songs from the sender's computer to the receiver's computer. (This would be awesome as an adium/ichat/gaim/trillian plugin).
  3. Something I've already started — For the last five or so years my alarm has been my computer. On windows with winamp and mac with iCal+iTunes I've set my computer to wake from sleep and play music at a specified time. When I went off to college my parents complained they no longer had their "morning concert" every morning. A week ago I replaced my old automator action (which as a side effect was rediculously slow for just opening itunes and hitting play) with this little applescript:
    tell application "iTunes"
    	set a to track 1 of playlist "wake up"
    	play a
    	set l to location of a
    	set p to POSIX path of l
    end tell
    do shell script ("curl -nT " & quoted form of p & ¬
    	" ftp://turnlav.net/alex.turnlav.net/WakeUp/")
    Now every time my alarm goes off it uploads the first track on the playlist to a super secret location on my website where my parents could potentially download it. Now all I need to do is A) write a tiny script to pretty print the list on my website and B) write a little script to run on my parents' computer to download the song and play it (okay maybe that's not necessary, they can just go listen to it when they want). Additionally, I now have serious respect for anyone that can write anything in applescript—that shit is wack!

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thank you everyone's different

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from: conceptual
date: Aug. 9th, 2006 03:48 am (UTC)

#1 yes!

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