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Mar. 8th, 2007 | 05:11 pm
music: Air - Moon Safari - 05. Talisman

So I spent far too long today figuring out how to play audio from any program on my mac to an airport express without shelling out for airfoil (and actually I stuck entirely with Free Software). I know none of you care but I thought it would be useful to record this for posterity:

(warning: severe geekery to follow)

  1. Install Mono. (The macports package seems to be broken and just maxed my cpu for an hour before I gave up on it and installed the official package)

  2. Install esound from macports:
    port install esound

  3. Install soundflower.

  4. Reboot (wtf soundflower? can't you load this shit without rebooting?).

  5. Go to System Preferences > Audio and make sure for both Output and Input, Soundflower (2ch) is selected.

  6. Download the JustePort binary — don't worry about the .exe, this is C# and it's supposed to be cross platform or something. Worked for me.

  7. Open a terminal window, go find JustPort.exe, and type
    esdrec | mono JustePort.exe - IP.OF.AIRPORT.EXPRESS

  8. Enjoy

Credit to this macosxhints.com hint for pointing out esdrec, which feels really dirty but fuck it, it works.

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Comments {1}

Funny thing

from: anonymous coward
date: Jun. 15th, 2007 01:30 pm (UTC)

Haha, I have walked the exact same road as you describe here...

I guess this is the easiest solution... Do you really use it, or is it too much of a hassle?

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