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Sep. 7th, 2007 | 01:42 pm
music: Something to Look Forward To - Spoon (Kill The Moonlight)

"Computer Scientists around the world have been reeling in shock, the stir caused by a quiet publication in the latest Communications of the ACM. The ACM article that has everyone buzzing was submitted by an anonymous software engineer at an undisclosed Seattle-area software company...The anonymous author of the paper has found that there is in fact one thing you can do using recursion that you can't do using iteration, namely: 'You can use it to weed out stupid fugging interview candidates.'"

"So, yes, doing what you love brings success, and by all means, throw yourself a nice big party, buy yourself a nice car, soak up the adulation of an adoring crowd. Then shut the fuck up and get back to work."
Mike Lee

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