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Aug. 18th, 2003 | 12:50 am
mood: Serene
music: Fog (live) -- on endless repeat

the live version of fog on the go to sleep single is so pretty.

radiohead should, and have the capablity, to do an album like this. all soft pretty piano songs. it would work so well. i could already make a mix. but these are the songs i think they do the best.

maybe when thom gets older and tired of the whole pro tools thing, he'll go back to just writing pretty songs.

i feel at peace tonight. it's past midnight, i feel contented. back in civilization, everything is so simple, so secure. no staring at the sky hoping raindclouds don't start forming, worrying if i'll make it to my destination by tonight, or get lost in the wilderness. no loose rocks to throw you on your face.

i don't know if i can finish ulysseys or not. i'm starting to wonder if it will matter, if even if i do finish it, will i remember enough to prove it? i think i could probably skip a whole chapter and not even notice.

i'm leaving to visit family in canada on wednesday. coming back sunday. it'll be my shortest trip there ever. school is so close, but i'm not so worried.

i miss gina like crazy. i never seem to stop thinking about her.

some things will never wash away
goodnight everybody.

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