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Apr. 15th, 2009 | 11:44 pm

I have been tweeting a lot lately at http://twitter.com/apretz . I think it will probably begin to replace this LJ, as I rarely make LJ posts more than three lines anyway. Actually I had been posting pretty infrequently long before I got on twitter.

I spent some time crawling around http://flurnl.alex.turnlav.net/fromlj today (anything to avoid the midterm at 2 pm tomorrow), and realized that having my own website/blog was always a strong motivator to post interesting things I found. Looking back, I'm going hey, this was pretty cool! Stuff like this makes me want to start more actively geek blogging again.

When I never finished Flurnl (the name's a tongue-in-cheek web 2.0 conflagration of flickr and livejournal meant to entertain nobody but me), the ruby on rails tumblelog I started programming in Spring 2006 (freshman year) I got discouraged. I never even wrote about the damn thing, every entry about it is at my flurnl livejournal tag; there's not much. Repeated problems dealing with dreamhost hosting and my lack of knowledge about how to not trash my DB resulted in my spending less and less time with it. I haven't updated from Flickr since November 2008 (manually) and it hasn't updated from livejournal since March 2008 (which only happens automatically).

Summer projects:
  • Fix up flurnl and get it working, now that I know RoR so much better
  • Fix up Yarg and really get it polished. Major bonus points for writing a tutorial in trac on how to use it with a dreamhost backup account
  • Either abandon link toss or make it work more gracefully
  • Write some well thought out blog entries on issues I've run into while working on these projects. Topics can include:
    • Synchronizing entries between my database and livejournal
    • Using imagemagick and flickr's metadata to pull information out of pictures
    • Security issues running privileged tasks in Cocoa
    • Writing a cocoa application that only sometimes should have a GUI
    • The wonders and pains of rsync
    • Interesting Javascript and RoR things I've learned along the way

p.s. http://flurnl.alex.turnlav.net/9-2007/1189197720
p.p.s. http://flurnl.alex.turnlav.net/11-2005/facebook-goes-open-source/

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Alex P.

(no subject)

from: wetzel
date: Apr. 19th, 2009 05:09 am (UTC)

yeah ... so how should I resize images? the imagemagick rubygem is at least easy to program against. I've only been resizing shit I post, so it's not like an endless stream of user submitted crap.

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